Varinder Singh Ghuman

Australian Grand Prix 2011
Tronto pro 2011
Sheru classic 2011
Australia Grand Prix 2012
Europra Pro 2012 madrid
Toronto Pro 2014
Freigno Leggacy 2014
Tronto Pro 2015

Steve Orton

Overall Nabba Mr World 2013
IFBB Mr New Zealand 2015

William Gerald

2003 NPC Contra Costa Teen Open 2nd, NPC California State Teen Open 5th
2004 NPC San Jose Championships Teen Heavyweight 1st & Novice HW 5th, NPC Los Angeles Championships Novice Heavyweight 5th, NPC Teen Nationals Teen Heavyweight 3rd
2005 NPC California State Teen Open 1st, NPC Teen Nationals Light-Heavyweight 1st and Overall
2007 NPC California State Open Heavyweight 2nd, NPC Jr. Nationals Open Heavyweight 5th
2008 NPC Sacramento Open Heavyweight 1st & Overall, NPC Nationals Open Heavyweight 10th
2015 NPC Los Angeles Championships Open Super Heavy 1st & overall, NPC USA’s Open Heavyweight 2nd, NPC North Americans Open Heavyweight 1st & 2nd overall
2016 IFBB Golden State Grand Prix 9th, IFBB Ferrigno Legacy TBD

Andy Crawford

2013 IFBB MR AUSTRALIA under 100kg (1st place)
2014 AUSTRALIASIAN CHAMPION over 100kg (1st place)
2015 ARNOLD CLASSIC AUSTRALIA (2nd place) over 100kg
2015 ARNOLD CLASSIC AUSTRALIA (2nd place) over 100kg
2015 AMATUER OLYMPIA (2nd place)

Khalid Almohsinawi

2000 junior kampioen 1st place
2004 Holland champion 1st place
2004 europa champion 1st place
2005 MR universe world champion 1st place
2007 pro grand prix colorado pro 14st place
2008 pro grand prix Ironman pro 12st place
2009 pro grand prix atlantic city pro 7st place
2011 pro grand prix europa show 6 st place
2011 pro grand prix new york pro 6 st place
2012 British Grand Prix 6 st place
2012 Prague Grand Prix 5 st place
2014 Slovakia pro 2 St place
2014 body power England 3 St place
2015 Slovakia 2 st place
2015 body power 3 st place
2016 South Korea 6 st place

Lionel Beyeke

Roelly Winklaar

Tomas Kasper

Jeff Beckham

Petar Klancir

Petar Klancir was born 07.04.1990 in Zagreb, and since 2015 he lives and works in Rijeka (Croatia).

He is actively involved in sports since childhood, and by the age of fifteen he became a multiple Croatian athletics champion and achieved still valid record in the 100m hurdles at the junior competition.

At the age of 15, he entered the gym for the first time and instantly fell in love with iron.

His ambition to become an IFBB pro fuelled him to work harder every day despite the odds.

Being a vice-champion at the Arnold Classic Amateur competition twice, he also won multiple titles: 2012 he became NABBA Mr. Universe, 2014 Balkans overall champion, and 2015 overall winner of the Mr. Olympia Amateur in Prague, where he finally won IFBB PRO card.

His dream came true and his current score is top 10 in at last four Pro competitions:

San Marino - 7th Place
Arnold Classic Europe - 8th Place
EVLS Prague Pro - 8th Place
Nordic Pro - 3rd Place

Aliaksei Shabunia